Graduate Study Awards


mg摆脱电子游戏有许多优秀的研究生学习和专业发展奖项,合格的学生可以申请. 学院建议学生优先考虑下列奖项, and provides advice for these in particular. 请注意,所有这些课程都是为了mg摆脱电子游戏毕业后的研究生学习或专业发展.

学校鼓励GPA高的优等生争取这些奖项,因为有时申请过程很长(长达100个小时),而且不能保证学生能获得这些竞争激烈的奖项之一. Details on individual scholarships appear below, 但在考虑申请之前,学生必须访问每个奖学金的网站,以获得全面和明确的描述.

Due to the involved processes surrounding preparatory activities, applications, nominations, and recommendations for these awards, 其中大部分都需要多名教员的参与, mg摆脱电子游戏的学生如欲申请,请联络教务处(,在截止申请日期前至少一年讨论申请, and earlier if possible. mg摆脱电子游戏强烈鼓励学生在入学第一年的某个时候就开始规划成功申请这些申请所需的要素.

Fulbright Awards

富布赖特的任务以国际伙伴关系原则为中心. The Fulbright U.S. 学生项目为英语助教项目(通常更容易获得)或个人设计的学习/研究项目(通常更有竞争力)提供资助。. 资助的期限和日期因国家而异,但包括所有与旅行和学习有关的费用.


网上申请大约在每年的5月1日至10月15日开放, 但请提前浏览富布赖特网站了解具体截止日期. Students complete the application process on their own. Advice is available from The King’s College upon request.

General Eligibility

U.S. Citizen at the time of application. 在资助开始前已获得学士学位或同等学历. (In the creative and performing arts, four years of professional training and/or experience meets the basic eligibility requirement); must be in good health; proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host country sufficient to communicate with the people and carry out the proposed study/research. See also

English Teaching Awards (highly recommended)

Study/Research Grant

Intercollegiate Studies Institute Fellowships

Each year ISI grants Richard M. 韦弗奖学金给那些打算用他们的高等学位来教书的学生, 和亨利·萨尔瓦托里奖学金,授予从事与美国建国相关研究生工作的学生. 每一个奖学金都致力于坚持学术卓越的理念,以及教育在培养能够为自由作出理性选择的人方面的作用.


Typically in February each year, but please check the ISI website well in advance for specific deadlines.

General Eligibility

Applicants must be U.S. 将在该学年注册全日制研究生课程的公民. Those attending pre-professional (medical, law, divinity, business, etc.) programs are ineligible.


Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

盖茨-剑桥奖学金授予来自英国以外国家的优秀申请者,在剑桥大学攻读任何学科的全日制研究生学位. The selection criteria are: 1) outstanding intellectual ability; 2) leadership potential; 3) a commitment to improving the lives of others; 4) a good fit between the applicant’s qualifications and aspirations and the postgraduate programme at Cambridge for which they are applying. While at Cambridge, 学者们学习大学提供的所有学科,分布在各个院系.


对于美国公民来说,一般是每年10月初进行第二年的学习. 请提前浏览盖茨-剑桥网站了解具体截止日期,包括非美国公民的截止日期: Students complete the application process on their own. Advice is available from The King’s College upon request.

General Eligibility

Must be a citizen of any country outside the United Kingdom. Must be applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge: PhD (three year research-only degree); MSc or MLitt (two year research-only degree); One year postgraduate course (e.g. MPhil, LLM, MASt, Diploma, MBA etc.). See also


James Madison Graduate Fellowship

Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers $24,000名詹姆斯·麦迪逊研究生奖学金,提供给有志成为中学阶段美国宪法杰出教师的个人. 奖学金申请人只与来自其合法居留州的其他申请人竞争. 如果资金允许,基金会计划每年为每个州提供一个奖学金.




United States citizen, be a teacher or planning to become a teacher of American history, American government, or social studies at the secondary school level (grades 7-12), 拥有学士学位或计划在申请当年8月31日之前获得学士学位.