mg摆脱电子游戏颁发奖学金的基础是学术成绩和与我们的使命的共鸣, and third-party scholarships provide another way to fund your 教育. 奖学金 never need to be repaid.

Most of the scholarships below are open to domestic students, freshmen and transfers, from any 教育al background. 有一些是专门为在家上学的学生准备的,有相应的标签.

Some of these scholarships are also open to international students, and these are marked with an asterisk (*). 参见页面底部的额外奖学金,专门为国际学生, 军事成员, 和退伍军人.

学生 are considered domestic if they are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens (i.e. a legal permanent resident “green card” holder). 我们遵循同样的原则 designations of eligible non-citizens 美国.S. Department of Education uses to define who can apply for federal student aid.

Institutional 奖学金

Academic 奖学金

纽约市的mg摆脱电子游戏(King 's College)提供慷慨的奖励奖,每年都可以续期. We believe in awarding you based on where you excel the most academically, 无论是在课堂上获得令人印象深刻的平均绩点,还是在标准化考试中表现出色. Our merit based scholarships are awarded on an “either/or” structure, so you do not need to meet all four categories to earn the scholarship. Once you complete an application, we will evaluate your credentials, and where you excelled the most will determine your scholarship.

U.S. 学生

International 学生



Founders Scholarship *

mg摆脱电子游戏将向学院高度重视的综合领导力和学术技能的学生颁发多达三个奖学金,金额相当于全额学费. mg摆脱电子游戏通过一个竞争过程颁发,包括一篇论文和演讲部分.

McCandlish Phillips Journalism Scholarship *

The King’s College is offering up to two $6,提供给新闻专业新生或转学新生的每年1000英镑的麦克坎德里什·菲利普斯新闻奖学金, 文化与社会.

符合资格, students must:

  • Be accepted for admission to The King’s College for the coming fall
  • Be enrolling full-time in the Journalism, 文化与社会 major
  • Be graduating high school this academic year or be a transfer student

Scholarship recipients must:

  • 保持3.0的绩点
  • Contribute to the Empire State Tribune and / or ESTv each semester
  • Remain enrolled in the Journalism, 文化与社会 major

应用, email three published clips and a 500-word personal statement answering the question, “How can someone be both an excellent journalist and a committed Christian?” to eglader@rribandaaceh.net.


Leadership Scholarship

mg摆脱电子游戏的存在是为了教育那些将通过在政府工作来塑造并最终领导世界上伟大机构的学生, 业务, 法律, 媒体, 教育, 公民社会, the arts and the church. mg摆脱电子游戏的每个学生都面临着一个挑战,那就是在他们的生命中做一些伟大的事情, and the King’s Leadership Scholarship helps identify those likely to accept that challenge.

领导奖学金是一个四年可续期的奖项,可以与其他形式的机构援助相结合. To be considered for this award, 所有考生都必须被mg摆脱电子游戏录取,并根据下面的提示提交一篇文章. 这些奖项是由来自世界各地的校友和朋友慷慨捐赠而成.  请注意,领导奖学金受mg摆脱电子游戏学术奖学金上限限制.

Write a 500-750 word essay on the prompt below:

The mission of The King’s College is to transform society through principled leadership. 每一个 ten current namesakes in the King’s House system offered notable contributions to society and embodied worthy character qualities. 从历史上选择一位领袖作为你的推荐人选,为11宫的下一位同姓人物, research his or her life, and demonstrate how this person embodies the mission and ideals of The King’s College.



Classic Learning Test 奖学金 at The King’s College


Classical Conversations Scholarship (首页school Only)

《mg摆脱电子游戏》通过与其他家庭的友谊,通过基督教的世界观培养对学习的热爱,来支持在家教育的父母. 他们相信优秀的教育有三个关键:古典、基督教和社区. After completing the Challenge III curriculum and being admitted at The King’s College, students will receive the Presidential Scholarship.

NCFCA Scholarship (首页school Only)

mg摆脱电子游戏为NCFCA学生在最近的NCFCA全国锦标赛中取得的成功,提供了入学mg摆脱电子游戏的演讲和辩论决赛奖学金. 入选者每年都有资格在mg摆脱电子游戏获得该奖学金,有效期最长为四年.

To secure this scholarship, 在之前的全国锦标赛中已经进入决赛的申请人必须在他们打算入学的那一年的1月15日前通过电子邮件通知他们的招生顾问. This ensures that the scholarship is calculated in their official award letters. 如果学生在mg摆脱电子游戏入学前能在全国赛上取得最后一轮的资格, 他们必须在7月15日前给招生顾问发邮件,以便将奖学金申请到秋季结余中.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Presidential Scholarship (Transfer)

Current Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members who have a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or higher qualify for a Presidential Scholarship.

TeenPact Scholarship

青少年契约组织的使命是“激励年轻人与基督的关系,训练他们理解政治过程, 珍视他们的自由, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them.“同样的, with a core curriculum in Politics, 哲学, 和经济学, mg摆脱电子游戏致力于培养学生成为社会机构中的基督教领袖. The King’s College is offering a renewable $1,万美元的奖学金,提供给参加了TeenPact为期四天的州立班的即将入学的学生,有效期不超过四年. 符合资格, 学生必须申请并被mg摆脱电子游戏录取,并出示他们参加过为期四天的国家课程的证明.

Impact 360 Scholarship

Impact 360学院的间隔年是一个学术间隔年体验,使命是装备后代成为以基督为中心的仆人领袖. 学生 who complete the one-year program will be guaranteed the Presidential scholarship. 注:此奖学金适用于完成Impact 360课程后直接进入mg摆脱电子游戏学习的学生,不能推迟到以后的学期.

Outside 奖学金

Service Clubs, Search Engines, and More

While there are many ways to find outside scholarships, here are a few ways that have been successful for our students:

  • Ask your high school guidance counselor. 奖学金总是出现在他们的办公桌上,他们通常非常乐意帮助他们.
  • 向父母的雇主咨询他们可能提供的学费匹配项目或奖学金.
  • Check with any service clubs (Key Club, Rotary Club, DAR, etc.) that you, your parents, or grandparents belong to. Also, check with your church about any scholarships or grants they may have. If you receive a scholarship from your church, King’s may be able to match it. See details above at “Church Matching Scholarship.”
  • Talk to local 业务es, particularly small 业务es your family frequents.
  • Make use of scholarship search engines. Here are some of the more popular ones:
Military Benefits and ROTC 奖学金

通过蒙哥马利退伍军人法案,退伍军人和他们的家庭可以获得财政援助 , 9/11后的GI法案 , 和其他项目. mg摆脱电子游戏还参与了黄丝带计划,并与福特汉姆大学陆军后备军官训练队(Fordham University Army ROTC)结成伙伴关系,作为纽约市陆军后备军官训练队计划的一部分.

Explore Military Benefits
International Student 奖学金

We encourage you to research outside scholarships, 使用上面列出的任何搜索引擎或下面的网站,重点关注国际学生.

International 学生